Sprout Living Epic Protein Powder

Epic Protein by Sprout Living offers athletic individuals a great way to meet protein needs as well as gain a whole host of nutrients in just 1-2 scoops of powder.  If you are searching for a protein powder that blends entirely into your smoothie, look no further.  Epic Protein is devoid of those chalk-like clumps often found when using other brands.  I have been using Epic Protein for years and find it especially beneficial when I am in a training phase for climbing.  I really enjoy the Vanilla Lucuma powder, because I can use it as a base to play up the flavor in my smoothie or simply blend it with flax milk if I am trying to keep things simple.  Plus, it has 9.5 grams of protein per scoop and a negligible amount of salt and carbs.  The company also prides itself on sourcing clean ingredients.  

The Epic Protein line consists of Vanilla Lucuma, an Original blend, Green Kingdom and Chocolate Maca. The first four ingredients in each of these products include sprouted brown rice, yellow pea, sacha inchi and cranberry seed.  Rich in omegas, the sacha inchi nut provides a high level of protein per serving.  You can buy sacha inchi in its nut form here.   

If you have not used a protein powder, or perhaps it's been some time, I would recommend starting off with one tablespoon of protein added to your smoothie per day.  If you double up immediately, or consume more than one smoothie or shake per day, you might begin to notice an increased level of, dare I say, flatulence!  The type of blender you use will make a difference in the amount of air in your drink; too much air adds to stomach woes in that department.  Finally, because I enjoy this product so much, all of my smoothies with protein will feature powders by Epic, and so I hope you will join me and give this company a try!

 My  Yum Yum Smoothie  with strawberries, pixie tangerines and Green Kingdom Epic protein.

My Yum Yum Smoothie with strawberries, pixie tangerines and Green Kingdom Epic protein.