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Um.  Yeah, I am writing a quick blurb about vegan butter, lol.  

I am such a big fan of Earth Balance that I have not even considered other brands of vegan butter, but then Melt came along.  So for now I use Earth Balance sticks for baking purposes, and I use Melt for toast, or a warm baguette situation.  At first the taste of Melt is distinctly that of a coconut flavor as that is its base.  However, it definitely grows on one's taste buds and is the new best thing to put on one's carbohydrates.  I highly recommend M E L T!  At my grocery store Melt is a bit less costly and the nutritional comparison is a bit healthier.  For example, Melt has less overall fat and sodium.  Melt also has a little more to offer per container.  See the comparison: 

**Just a few days after sharing my love of Melt, coconut oil has been in the news for causing an increase in LDL as a result of high saturated fat.  I'll have to investigate.