Kite Hill

 Dear Kite Hill:  I am speechless.  Thank you for making an amazing almond-based line that is way better than the mainstream "thing".  Your products are the  real  deal!  

Dear Kite Hill:  I am speechless.  Thank you for making an amazing almond-based line that is way better than the mainstream "thing".  Your products are the real deal!  

I found Kite Hill's page on Facebook recently, and when I recognized that they use almonds as their base, I knew immediately that I wanted to find out how to buy their products.  If you review the "story" section on Kite Hill's site, you'll notice that the leadership for the company consists of five men with a variety of backgrounds: an executive chef, a chef with an artisanal cheese making background, a well-versed cheese factory mechanical engineer, a bio chemist and an experienced CEO who seeks to put the planet first.  Kite Hill also developed a way to obtain the necessary cultures and enzymes for their products from vegetable-based sources, and they also tested 20 different almond varieties to locate the perfect nut for their company.    

My stomach has had zero issues with "nuts" as a base in vegan products, so I was intrigued by Kite Hill.  My local Co-op recently started stocking Kite Hill products, and I was super excited when I saw this brand in the refrigerator section next to all of the other mainstream dairy brands.  I was quick to put Kite Hill's plain cream cheese and some of their yogurts in my cart.  The cream cheese cost me $6.29 while the yogurt was on sale at two for $3.00.  The cream cheese packaging currently offers $1.00 off future Kite Hill products.  I'll take it!   On another note, Miyoko's Kitchen initially had me pscyhed, but at $10 a package it was not sustainable for weekly use.  I found that Miyoko's cheese spreads were best used on crackers, and were not ideal for baking, or on a toasted bagel.  In the end, these two companies offer vastly different flavors as they use different nuts for their base, but they each have a place at the table.  I am glad that there are multiple companies available in the food industry today, and I applaud any effort to create animal-free products!

Kite Hill cream cheese is simply the most amazing cream cheese that I have ever tried.  To be honest, I almost gave up entirely on purchasing "fake cheese" products because they make feel ill, or were a complete let down.  Kite Hill's cream cheese is whipped, moist and has a glob factor that is reminiscent of Philadelphia brand cream cheese.  Kite Hill takes cream cheese to a whole new level as its taste is superb.  I am no longer longing for philly-style cream cheese, and now just crave this brand.  And while I am only on my second container, they've earned my customer satisfaction stamp for life!  Kite Hill's cream cheese does have double the sodium of Philadelphia whipped cream cheese, and has three more grams of fat, but it offers two more grams of protein and zero cholesterol.  

Kite Hill also has an amazing yogurt line.  Again, Kite Hill has created a product that is not trying to imitate mainstream yogurt, but stands alone as its own type of yogurt.  It is thick, almost like greek yogurt, is very creamy and it has an addicting flavor.  I simply cannot get enough of it, and I hope they make a large container instead of the single-use cups.  The yogurt does have 15 grams of sugar. or the equivalent of four teaspoons of sugar in each cup, but this equates to only a half teaspoon more than a popular mainstream brand.  Kite Hill yogurt typically has less sodium than other brands and has five grams of protein.  Because of the sugar content you have to be mindful of consuming too much, but this is true of all yogurts.  I have tried raspberry and blueberry, and peach is waiting in the fridge.  

On top of all that, Kite Hill products are all vegan.  They offer cream cheese spreads and yogurt, but they also offer entree-style raviolis, ricotta and artisanal cheese spreads that I have yet to try, because they have not arrived in my area.  However, I am super interested to try all of their products.  As consumers we have the power to influence the food market and improve the welfare of animals in the process.  You really can taste the difference when you purchase a product from a company with this level of experience, ingenuity, care for animals and the environment.  I highly recommend Kite Hill!