"Creamsicle" Smoothie

 Thumbs up for this sweet concoction!  

Thumbs up for this sweet concoction!  


1/2 banana
1/2 cup of diced pineapple
3/4 cup of Uncle Matt's organic orange juice
1  5.3 oz container of So Delicious Vanilla Coconut-based yogurt
1 Tbsp of almond butter
1 scoop of Epic’s Vanilla Lucuma Powder
4-6 ice cubes


Blend and enjoy! 

Epic's Lucuma protein powder provides roughly 9.5 grams of protein per scoop, and almond butter provides 3 grams per tablespoon.  Vitamin C totals include roughly 65% of your daily recommended dose in the pineapple alone.  Add that to the roughly 90% you get from Uncle Matt's organic OJ, and now you are at approximately 155%!