Evolv Shakra

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 1.54.19 AM.png

To me the Shakra dutifully serves as a Evolv's signature women's specific all-around climbing shoe.  It is a capable worker shoe, and it just might take you to your redpoint burn when you are least expecting to send.  I also love the pop of color featured in the overall design.  The orange stitching hugging the ankle is especially pleasing to the eye.  If the Oracle has won its place in my pack as my primo sending shoe this summer, the Shakra has definitely earned the number one spot as my go-to-shoe for working routes and just getting mileage in.  If you ever climbed in the Defy, you will understand what I mean about having a dedicated worker shoe.  To me it is wise to have a pair of uber comfy shoes in one's pack, and these definitely fit the bill.  I size these in a 7.5.