Evolv Oracle

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.32.25 AM.png

I have not ventured down the road of lace ups in quite some time as I have always loved the easy on and easy off sensibilities of velcro climbing shoes.  After a few test runs on familiar routes, the Oracle has earned a top spot on my bag packing checklist.  I now wear these shoes when I am serious about my redpoint go.  The Oracle's design is top-notch, and I for one like the extra comfort found in the shoe's tongue pads, the fact that the laces stay tied as well its precision on dime-sized edges.  


Check out the construction technology of the Oracle; it's located on the eighth graphic.  

I like to size my shoes so that my toes cannot move around in the toe box, and I like my heel to be firmly held in place; the heel tensioner is noteworthy. So I would say I like my shoes as tight as I can have them without the sensation of pain, right on the edge of super tight.  I went with a size six in the Oracle, and this is actually a half size down from how I size my Shamans.  It is certainly a risk to select a smaller sized shoe because if the fit is too tight you are left with either a return shipping fee, or you manage but are not necessarily happy out at the cliff.  Hans, my territory sales rep, works really hard to visit all of the gyms in New England, and he demos all of the latest shoes in Evolv's lineup.  It would be wise for you to try these on in a gym because when you do, I think you will be sold too!  Plus, it is basically like a complimentary service to a gym membership.

*It goes without saying that these are vegan friendly.