Cruzer Psyche in Smoke

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.28.48 AM.png

I am such a slip on snob as I own an untold number of the Evolv Cruzer, specifically in gray.  I have worn the slip on for many years while out climbing or just on the daily.  On one occasion I accidentally paired one worn out shoe with one brand new shoe because I had haphazardly tossed a few pairs in my entryway closet.  They are built to last and hard to let go.  My beloved shoe is sadly no longer in the main lineup, but you can buy a version of it at a discount; hope you can find your size!  Ok, back to the Cruzer lace up featured here in the color smoke.  The shoe color I thought the above image represented was that of an indigo.  I totally ignored the smokey color description; I have a hard time seeing grays, browns and purple, I guess.  However, this shoe is definitely on the spectrum of black to my sense of color, and this is another good reason to check out a shoe demo.  When I opened the shoe packaging and discovered the color was not as I had imagined, I instantly became absorbed in the overall design of the shoe.  I immediately flipped the shoe over and saw the thick Trax rubber as well as a durable canvas material, and then I slipped them on.  The Cruzer Psyche comes in a women's specific design, and I comfortably sized these as one would a regular street shoe.  The interior pattern has a feminine touch, and I am definitely a convert to the lace up now.  To me, the color is more charcoal than smoke, but they are super cute; a definite favorite.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.48.41 AM.png

The Cruzer lace up is perfect to wear on a leaf covered trail, or an approach with slick wet rock because the Trax rubber is super reliable.  I now laugh at my past flip flop trail excursions.  How stupid!