Royal Robbins Performance Flannel

 This  flannel  comes in many colors, but I love it in cove.

This flannel comes in many colors, but I love it in cove.

Royal Robbins offers a performance-based clothing line that allows you to transition nicely from activities to mainstream wear. Royal himself is a pillar in the history of American rock climbing, and so the philosophy behind the brand fits in with climbers and the eco-conscious consumer. Assuming you rinsed off in a river or lake at the end of your day, you could easily wear the Performance Flannel out at the cliff and then head to a social gathering, and no one would be the wiser! The Performance Flannel is definitely a top I have worn on cold winter nights at home, at gatherings with friends, and also while out at the crag in different weather conditions. After a few washes the flannel is now a go-to top, and I never worry about it looking wrinkly or shrinking. It is certainly a super soft and warm flannel that never makes me feel overheated. The nylon and polyester fabric wick away perspiration so you can wear it while being active. I wear a size small and can freely move about while wearing it. In fact, I just put the garment on and never think about it again because it provides a natural fit. Instead of buttons, the flannel has nine well-made snaps that you can easily unfasten without worrying about durability. The flannel also has a front zippered pocket and a chest pocket snap. The chest pocket snap, the top-most collar snap and the wrist cuffs possess the only visible buttons, and the rest are hidden on the inside panel of the shirt. A few years ago I climbed in Royal Robbins' three-quarter-length pants, and that is how I became familiar with the brand. I am looking forward to reviewing the Discovery Short as I think the design will fit nicely with a harness. The current CEO of Royal Robbins is a board member for Evolv Sports and as a result there is some connection with the two brands. This flannel is currently on sale for about forty bucks!

Royal Robbins passed away on March 14th.  May his legacy live on through the achievements he made in climbing, kayaking and this great company: NYT obituary.