Cruzer Slip-on

The Evolv Cruzer in slate now comes with gold lettering on the side in a color dubbed canteen.  


The Cruzer by Evolv is an amazing and versatile slip-on shoe.  I have received a bunch of compliments and inquiries about this shoe, and if someone else is wearing the Cruzer we usually have an ice breaker moment and bond over our wise purchase.  Pretty rad for a shoe!  It is made from 100% cotton canvas material, has a comfy microfiber interior lining, and the sole is made from Evolv's high friction TRAX rubber.  And if you feel like wearing it like a slipper, the heel of the shoe flattens allowing you to quickly slip them on to your feet. The other cool feature is that you can easily stuff these in your backpack, compressing them until you pull your gear out of your bag.  I wear this shoe exclusively in the color slate, and I feel that the overall style of this shoe transitions nicely to the cliff as well as when I am out and about in my daily life.  I typically wear a size 7 street shoe, and this shoe fits me in a size 6.5 with a variety of socks or even barefoot.  A treacherous part of my day while out climbing has always been navigating rocky trails.  Before the Cruzer became available, I used to stumble a lot in other approach shoes.  Forget lace ups, and get this slip-on.  You will want to wear them everywhere!